Tuesday, January 04, 2011

'New' Power Window Regulator - RHS

Recently, my driver's side power window has been acting funny. At times, it will produce a "klack, klack, klack" sound when it is lowered or raised. Sometimes it can't full be closed without assistance via pushing up the glass by me.

Weird thing is, it's perfectly normal sometimes. Darn it!

Pic 1: The replacement power window regulator

I didn't bother and decided to stop using the power window for a good 2 months until I cannot take it anymore. My back hurts too much each time I need to open the door to pick up parking tickets, at the toll, etc.....yea and the R34 has a very long door. Plus being in a full bucket is tough to maneuver around.

Oh and at one time I was stopped by a traffic police; I only lowered the window down about 3 inches. That totally annoyed him until I told him there's something wrong with my power window. Hahahaha

I actually got a replacement power window regulator on hand. It has been sitting in my storeroom for a good month plus but I just couldn't find the time to get it replaced or perhaps I was just too lazy. LOL

Pic 2: Door panel off

I finally got it done today and upon opening the door panel, the only thing that was out of whack was a small piece of broken roller bracket as per the below picture.

With the new-ish
power window mechanism in, the ER34 is now back to 'normal'. I am pleased. :)

Pic 3: Broken roller bracket


  1. I have the same problem with my window, but I haven't changed it. I am still saving some money for it. hehe

  2. I have spares if you are interested.

  3. Funny! Is it the driver side? My will not work and I do not know if it broken like y'all.

  4. Yes it's the driver side. Well if you need a spare, I have one. Just email me. Thanks.


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