Monday, June 14, 2010

DILYSI #16: Genting Highlands

Pic 1: Grouping up

Well theoretically, I shouldn't call this a DILYSI session since I am not the organizer but just an invited participant but for the sake of easy of reference, I'll call it DILYSI anyway.

The route this was from Ulu Yam to Gohtong Jaya and up Genting Highlands. Not my favorite route but it'll do I guess. It has been exactly 11 months since my last DILYSI. Yea man, it has been that long! What the hell .....

Pic 2: Enroute

Pic 3: Grouping up before the drive

Pic 4: Be afraid when this is staring at you from the rear

I would like to focus this entry about my 'feelings' on the ER34 after my Stage II upgrades. The car definitely has more power and torque but I think the original setup is far better suited on the twisties. The turbine now spools later which makes exiting out of tighter corners a real drag as one has to wait for the turbine to spool before you get any action happening.

With so much torque on tap (well more than previously), throttling out of fast corners or long sweepers will see the tail coming out. In fact, the ER34 tail was sure like a happy dog. It kept wagging around coming out of corners. That's on 255mm width tyres! And they're Yokohama AD07s, sort of like your street-legal semi-slicks. What the ......

I had to have the ER34 on low boost throughout the journey to make it more 'easier' to drive. :(

So yeah, it's now much harder to drive on the twisties as throttle modulation is crucial. I must admit I got scared shit countless times when the ER34 tails out more than expected.

Back to the drive; after the twisties of Ulu Yam, the group stopped for breakfast in Gohtong Jaya before proceeding up to the Coffee Bean in Genting Highlands. Over there we were greeted by the sight of loads of Ferrari, Lamborghini and Lotus. Some were leaving as we arrived. Superbikers were in full force too. There's just so many of 'em. We were all congregating at the same place. :P

What's surprising is that, upon arriving, we were guided by the local coppers to park by the side of the road right outside Coffee Bean. Very convenient indeed. :)

Allrighty then, check out some of the pictures I took. There are also some videos of the drive. Do enjoy. :)

Video 1: ER34 heading up to Gohtong Jaya

Video 2: ER34 going up Genting Highlands with a FD3S RX-7 and a R35 GT-R

Pic 5: Spot the odd one out

Pic 6: R34 rear end looks huge compared to the Porsches

Pic 7: The Jap pack

Pic 8: Regular readers will find this car looks familiar (it was white previously) :P

Pic 9: Clean FD3S and a wicked looking CBA-R35

Pic 10: Privileged parking up in Genting Highlands :P

Pic 11: Superbikes from BMWs to Kawasaki and KTMs to everything in between

Pic 12: Couldn't keep up with this F430 coming downhill from Genting Highlands

Pic 13: F360 Modena twin stove round lighs

Pic 14: Twin round lights on the CBA-R35, F360 and also F355

Pic 15: This VR38DETT is packing massive power

Pic 16: This FD3S is freaking loud. Straight pipe yo!


  1. finally, even i m already retired, but my ex wife seem quite happy with her new hubby.

  2. Cool stuff Eugine! Stage 2 done. awaiting for 3 now hehe. loved it each time ur SQV sneezes!

    Leo, perhaps Guinevere shud join the pack in the future? :D

  3. NICE! lets plan out another DILYSI! =)

  4. Dude, I just watched the videos on your blog. Very entertaining, but the way you drive is gonna kill somebody.

    I just cant believe the lines you took on some of those turns. Try staying off the rocks and bumps near the edge of the road.

  5. envy! jealous! n all that is bad!!!!! i wanna follow next time can or not?? plsssssss

  6. Don't know when next time is bro. Been lying low for a long time now. :)

  7. that's so cool~

    R34 looks like a beast from rearview mirror~ xD

  8. Wah i wish i can buy a R34 like yours.


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