Thursday, June 03, 2010

ER34 On The Dyno (again!)

Ok guys. Following up on my post here about the retune of my Power FC, here is the video of the dyno run. Sorry man, can't help but tease a bit. Hahaha

The ER34 went through more than 30 runs on the dyno machine but I've only uploaded one of the runs; well, basically they are more of less the same anyway. Is the car a tad loud?

Oh yea, there's another video where massive flames can be seen spitting out of the ER34, but I think I'll just reserve that for another day. :P


  1. Aww.. C'mon... Give us the fire spitting vid pls :P

  2. nice exhaust note ..i like it .. ^^

  3. alex abd ScAvEnGeR, flames video later la. :P

    Chia, thank you. :)

  4. RB rumble is seriously addicting!!! hehehe


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