Sunday, June 20, 2010

Skyline Club Gathering - 19th June 2010

Pic 1: The ones that were on time

In a somewhat period that seemed like ages, the Malaysian Skyline Club finally had a gathering that involves everyone and that is really newsworthy. All in I think were close to 50 cars that turned up. Mostly were R34s but there were a smattering of R32s and a couple of R33s. Two units of R35s also joined in the fun.
I wish there were the older R31 or even the R30 around. Now that would be superb. Even more so if a certain owner were to bring out his KPCG10. :P

Pic 2: Some butt shots

Pic 2: More butt shots

The gathering was great!!! Kudos to Azmir for organizing this event. Was good to meet up with the owners and also getting to know new friends. I reckon the best way to showcase the cars that came that day is via a video of the attendees. There are a couple of cars not in the video as they arrived after I filmed it. Sorry guys...

Btw, there are a lot of cars that many (me included) have not seen before. Wonder where those guys lurk .... hehehe

Am keeping this post short as nothing really happened. The owners gathered, we had a photoshoot, mingle around and chit chat before groups of owners starts to make a move. Remember to check out the video below. :)


  1. EJ...thanks for coming and posting the video up so fast. Hope to have this gathering more frequently now.

    Cheers mate!

  2. Awesome event:) Good that you uploaded so fast, well done EJ :D *thumbs*

  3. Hi Azmir. No worries man. Thanks for organizing. :)

    Thanks Prince. :)

  4. He doesn't even want to mention how many cars he has. hehehe
    But have you seen his KPCG10?

  5. Only via a pic sent over. Not in real life unfortunatly.

  6. Bro EJ..
    nice to hav a chit chat wit u there and thanks for fast upload..2 thums up!!-rokok_sebatang-

  7. Man I love the R32 butt... Looks so petite and cute!

  8. nice gathering.. nice car.. but one want open d hood..hehehe

  9. how do i join this club???i just came back from japan with a r34

  10. Hi reccaoji. You can refer to the Skyline forum in zth. My nick is V-Spec. See you there bro.


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