Saturday, June 05, 2010

For Sale: RB25DET Gasket Kit - Engine Repair

Pic 1: RB25DET Gasket Kit - Engine Repair package

Just got hold of two sets of the RB25DET Gasket Kit - Engine Repair. This is required if you want to do a complete overhaul of your engine and wants all seals and gaskets refreshed. This is pretty hard to come by as no one really stocks it.

This kit is compatible for both the RB25DET in the R33 and R34.

The below is the complete list of what's in the package. There are a total of 55 items in it.

1x 11026-01M02 Washer - Drain Plug
1x 11044-5L700 Gasket - Cylinder Head
1x 12279-58300 Oil Seal - Crankshaft Rear
1x 13042-16V00 Oil Seal - Camshaft
12x 13207-D4201 Oil Seal - Valve Stem
12x 13207-5L300 Oil Seal - Valve Stem
1x 13270-5L301 Gasket - Rocker Cover
1x 13270-5L311 Gasket - Rocker Cover
1x 13510-10Y10 Oil Seal - Crankshaft
1x 14032-AA500 Gasket - Intake Manifold
1x 14035-75T01 Gasket - Intake Manifold
1x 14036-21U00 Gasket - Exhaust Manifold
1X 14415-4P200 Gasket - Turbo Charger inlet
1X 1445-V2700 Gasket - Turbo Charger outlet
1X 14465-OP610 Gasket - Inlet tube
1x 15053-1E400 Gasket - Oil Strainer
1x 15066-71L00 Gasket - Oil Pump to block
2X 15189-01P00 Gasket - eye bolt
2X 15189-01P00 Gasket - eye bolt
4X 15193-P9000 Gasket - eye bolt
2X 15193-03E00 Gasket - eye bolt
1X 15196-73L00 Gasket - Oil turbo charger outlet
1X 15239-7IL00 Gasket - Oil filter
1X 16175-3IU00 Gasket - Throttle chamber
1X 22131-68S00 O-ring - Seal
1x 22636-N4200 Gasket - Water Temp Sensor
1x 23785-AA000 Gasket - AAC Valve

If you need it for your RB25DET engine rebuilt, shoot me an email via eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com.

Pic 2: Contents of the RB25DET Gasket Kit - Engine Repair


  1. :D :D i want!
    but i dont plan to rebuild engine so soon :/

    how much does a set like this cost?

  2. First set has been sold to a tuner shop in Kenya that is overhauling an ER34.

    Only one more set left.

    Daryl, you have an email.


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