Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Great Balls of Fire

Here's another video of the dyno run where massive flames were captured off the ER34. It happened pretty fast so incase you can't see it properly from the video, I've attached screen captures below for better illustration.

It's freaking cool but I'm burning away gasoline and my rear bumper wrote me a letter of complaint!!

Pic 1: It starts with cool blue flames ...

Pic 2: ... before it develops into a massive fireball

Pic 3: Flames moving up high

Pic 4: Tapering end of flames

Pic 5: That's it folks. Flames over.


  1. Fireballs like this can roast a chicken no point heading for Nando's or Kenny Rogers :)

  2. yeah man, anyone can pass me the honey? :P

  3. This want better than previous video clip, COOL..!!!. A big respect for taikor GTT;)

  4. Sorry for the "whoah" in the end xD

  5. "Flame ON"...like Fantastic 4..haha
    cool...GK GK..haha

  6. No problem Kyle. Thanks a million for recording this clip. :)

  7. ___________________________________________
    June Special Promotion! All purchases comes with a FREE roast chicken!

    Roast Chicken RON97 flavor
    Specially prepared by the resident Roastmeister, flamed till perfection!


    Haha love the flames EJ ;)

  8. is good if someone tailgating u lol

  9. love the flames....not as much as your bumper would.

    can you easily replicate this when driving?

  10. Mun Kit, LOL.

    Ken, yea man. It'll scare the shit out of them. :P

    Mugil, not really easily replicated. I went up Genting Highlands couple of weeks ago after midnight and when the flames come (the big one) it's so darn bright I though someone flashed at me from the rear!

  11. WOOT !!!!!!!!!!

    Great Video
    i will add it in my word-press


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