Sunday, September 21, 2008

Drive It Like You Stole It #10 - Bukit Tinggi

Pic 1: The cars of DILYSI #10 @ Bukit Tinggi

Today we had our 10th Drive It Like You Stole It (DILYSI) session. Taking another route apart from our usual Frasiers Hill, DILSYI #10 brings us to Bukit Tinggi. Now this is an interesting DILYSI as the cars that joined comprises of two colours only. i.e. white and yellow. As such shall we call it the "Ambulance" and "Taxi" edition of DILYSI? Muahahaha :D

There were 3 ER34s and 2 FD3S. We met up at our usual meet-up point before heading to Bukit Tinggi via the below route:-

Batu Caves - Ulu Yam - Batang Kali - Goh Tong Jaya - Karak Highway - Bukit Tinggi

This route is not as hardcore as the Frasiers Hill route but nevertheless we clocked in about 140km of driving leaning on the enthusiastic side. :P

It's nice to hit the roads of Ulu Yam again after our last DILYSI last month. I tried to keep myself a bit restrained as the front tyres aren't exactly in tip top condition. Darn I need to save up for new tyres now. Sigh..... :(

After Ulu Yam, we turnoff towards Goh Tong Jaya via the backroads. Here, we bumped into another group of driving enthusiasts that comprises of a myriad of cars. I'm not really a fan of these roads but nevertheless had a great time carving through the bends. One of us had a 180 degrees spin here; but thankfully he and his ride escaped unscratched. Phew....

Pic 2: White smokes at the rear of the pack...??

Pic 3: Porsche Boxster S with billowing smokes from its rear

Pic 4: A closer look at the Porsche Boxster S. Smokes had lessen after a while...

The whole bunch of us stopped by the police security gate for a regroup. Here, we were joined by the sight of the other groups' Porsche Boxster S that came with white smokes billowing from the rear of the car. Not a pretty sight I must say. I think there must be an oil leak (added 26th Sept - Boxster S suffered coolant leak instead of the mentioned oil leak) somewhere that got burnt by the hot exhaust pipes. Soon after, we left the other group for a quick breakfast bite in Goh Tong Jaya before proceeding downhill to join back the notorious Karak Highway to the Bukit Tinggi exit.

Pic 5: Breakfast stop at Goh Tong Jaya

Pic 6: Breakfast stop at Goh Tong Jaya

Charging up Bukit Tinggi was a bit nerve wrecking initially as there were sand patches in the first couple of corners. Got to be wary of those! Further uphill, the roads were cleaner and off we go charging into corners after corners. The bends here sweeps longer and wider as compared to the short and tight corners up in Frasiers Hill. Naturally, the speed would be a 'lil bit faster here around the bends.

The last time we were up Bukit Tinggi was in DILYSI #06 way back in August 2007. Naturally, there could be some slight changes after a year. And lo and behold a couple of speed humps at the top of the hill appeared out of nowhere! Worst part is that it's not painted in stripped yellow! I was caught off guard and the ER34 crashed over the damn speed breakers! Jason (Sakakida) and Wayne whom was right behind me were not spared either. Lucky I did not scrape the bottom of the ER34. Funny thing was the cover of my tweeters came flying out of it's socket when the car landed. Hahaha

Up in Bukit Tinggi, we stopped by the Rabbit Farm but a little breather. We were all caught by surprise to see the carpark size shrinked to a tiny fraction of what it used to be. The huge carpark next to the helipad was undergoing some construction to turn them into shophouses! There goes another rendezvous point of ours. We stayed here for a little until we were politely 'chased' off by a white guy that was apparently in-charge of the premise.

We were told that we are taking up carpark space for genuine visitors to the Rabbit Farm. far as I can see there were only 3 of 4 other cars in the viccinity. So much for visitors. This place must have deteriorated quite bad as I remembered the Rabbit Farm was a popular haunt for families with kids during weekends.

Pic 7: Parked at the Rabbit Farm - front shot

Pic 8: Parked at the Rabbit Farm - rear shot

So be it then. Off we head off downhill back to Karak Highway for a stop at the Genting Sempah R&R to continue our chit-chat session until we decided to call it a day and head back home. Hmmm....this must be one of the earliest time we finish a DILYSI session. I reached home around 11:30am; just nice for my next outing out with the other half. :P

Here are some pictures of the day......

Pic 9: Left to right: Nasrul, Jason, Woay Chee, Steve and Wayne

Pic 10: Ambulances and taxis

Pic 11: Ambulances and taxis

Pic 12: Nasrul's mean ride

Pic 13: Jason aka Sakakida tailin'

Pic 14: The corners of Bukit Tinggi


  1. lets plan for next touge, i hope i will drift instead of spin next time!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. wow looks like fun! can join next time ka? hehehe

  4. yeah i agree looks like fun

    i would like to go see the rabbits though hehe

  5. sorry guys for pulling out last mins :(

  6. Sure danial, next time will invite ya. :)

    fie the elf, went to see the rabbits a couple of time before. It was quick fun to see kids toying with them but somehow picking up rabbits via their ears sure do look hurtful (though it's not!).

  7. eujin, each corner what is your speed? i m really cant keep up with you, jason and wayne at all.

  8. bro..u are talking to touge king in klang valley (eu jin) hehe...

  9. woaychee, didn't look at the speedo. Dunno what speed. If look at speedo sure crash la. :P

    alvint, eh bro dun simply claim. Later like last time people come and challenge one. Crazy. We are not racing, just a drive with like minded enthusiasts.

  10. Nice cruise!

    I wouldn't be able to keep up at all with my car. It's like a Kancil

  11. nicwan8, power ain't everything in the twisties. We've been 'terrorized' by Smart Fortwo before. Hahaha :D

  12. are fast cars.

    NSW govt banned P plate to drive smarts for 2 years

  13.'s true.

    in QLD, I think they will implement it. Currently P platers are not allowed turbo, v6,v8 cars.

    in NSW, I think it's the same but power to weight ratio is also taken into consideration. It's funny that P Platers can drive DC5, DC2, RX8 but not smart 800cc turbo. LOL

    After seeing you guys DLYSI, I wanna come back and buy fast cars :P

  14. ooohhh... guess i miss the fun again.... wonder what if my blue taxi join da crowd.... should i be da safety car at da back?? or join taxi gang.... hahaha.... really miss touge.... :( :(

  15. eujin, i think next time i should get a Video cam installed in your car and jason car!! so that i can know each corner and line u take

  16. haha...woaychee..i believe everyone got their own line to take..i believe u got yours as well..most important is the way u drive is comfortable and confident for doesnt really matter of the line..and always know ya limit..cheers bro...

  17. siukeung, you can be the premier blue taxi. :P

    Yea, lines differ to cars. For example siu keung can take whatever lines he wants with his AWD. Hahaha

    I use as much of the road available as possible. :)

  18. hahahaha... premier taxi... good good!! :p :p, wah bro, u say like this la... "take wutever line i want" siao meh... :p :p, but really hv to concentrate when touge wif u... hehehe... coz usually u will far far ahead of me... :( :( :( so was like... chase chase chase... 5d 5d 5d.... hahaha....

  19. eujin, when next touge, wan me to post in forum? m addicted already even i m the turtle in team.some more 10cent petrol reduced. faster go for next touge before the petrol hike!

  20. haha..(when is the next touge)..sounds good..since i miss the last one...

  21. siukeong, your AWD can anytime overtake us RWD one; depend on you want or not only. :P

    woaychee and alvin, next touge? October will be out for me. 1st Sunday is Raya thus a lot of cars will be on the road. 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday me will be overseas. :(

  22. this statement very true, "belum cuba belum tahu,sekali cuba,tiap tiap hari mahu"...addicted...

  23. interesting drive...wish could join you all one day.... but err, I dun have a car that can catch up with u... how ?

  24. woaychee, hariharimau? LOL :D

    bro lufiasism, ride with me till you get your dream car out. :P

  25. definitely looking lots of fun, eu jin. i guess i would need to own a skyline to join u guys.

    good news is that my friend just imported a nur spec from japan and car is sitting in singapore. its a fully blitz up car, so it would be fun to drive

  26. kev, not necessary must be a Skyline. :)

    R34 Nur Spec? Nice....does it come with the fullt Blitz bodykit as well?

  27. yes it does, car comes in dark hints of gunmetal grey. i guess i need to pester him to get his car out to sepang once in a while. i dont think he would let me touge in it though

  28. Kev, get some pictures posted to entice us man. :P

  29. i will bloody try, lol, btw wanna link swap, haha

  30. Kev, Ok. Let me know when you get pics. Link added. :)

  31. Nice....
    Both are my dream car...
    the FD and R34

  32. Thank you vincemsr. :)
    Hope your dreams will be realised.


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