Thursday, September 18, 2008

Height readjustment on the Tein Super Street

Pic 1: Adjusting the Tein Super Street

Many have commented that the ER34 rides a bit on the low side for the streets of Malaysia where there is an abundance of the road species called speed humpasaurus and parking rampasaurus. :P

Thus far I have managed to avoid damaging the IMPUL 534S front bumper from speed humps but that can't be said of parking ramps. The ER34 can only go to three shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur while any attempt to others will end up with a broken bumper. The worst part is I scrape the bumper ever so slightly everytime I leave the multi storey carpark where I reside.

With the impending full IMPUL 534S bodykit to be fitted to the ER34, I'm quite sure, the side skirts will pose an issue when it comes to speed humps. Thus I really really need to increase the ground clearance of the ER34, lest I'll end up breaking the side skirts.

Pic 2: The adjustments made

My main concern with any adjustments on the coilovers are to ensure that all four corners are adjusted equally, i.e. of equal height. Initially I wanted N1 Racing, the distributors of Tein products in Malaysia to re-adjust the coilovers since I'm sure they would know what they are doing and would get the measurements accurate. I changed my mind when I was quoted an exorbitant fee to get the job done. What a rip off!!

Thanks to bro Andrew's introduction, I got the same job done for 10% of the cost in another shop with vast experience to boot. Hey, as long as I have the Tein Height Adjustment Wrench and the mechanic has adequate experience, it shouldn't be that hard to ensure the accuracy of the adjustments yea? The pleasent surprise was the shop uses a manual allignment machine. Cool!

Pic 3: Manual allignment machine

The height were raised half an inch all round making it 23.5" up front and 23.7" at the rear measured from the base of the wheel to the wheel arch.

The ER34 doesn't look as good as before me think. Or it's relatively ok? What do you think?

Pic 4: 23.5" up front

Pic 5: 23.7" at the rear

Pic 6: Just managed to clear the parking ramp

Pic 7: Does the car looked too high??


  1. doesnt look that bad. my car looked like a rally 180sx before i changed my tyres to 205/55.

    where is this place that u went to?

  2. Zul, rally 180? Hahaha

    This little tyre shop is located in the shoplots next to South City Plaza in Seri Kembangan. Email me if you need the address.

  3. That workshop mechanic also settle my Car knocking sound on the front and also at the back!

    He is no doubt has adequate experience in settling car suspension.

    I'm happy with his service!

    CBLam here!

  4. Hey bro CBLam! How are you man? Yea, the shop is unassuming but it gets the job done pretty well I must say.

  5. Doesn't look too bad. I'm sure it will look better with the skirts on. Besides, isn't it better now that you can finally clear the parking ramp? :P

  6. Speaking of the skirts. I think my painter still haven't even start the prep work on the bodykit yet! %^$#!%)&$^

  7. dude, i sure mine is higher than yours!!

  8. EJ,

    It doesn't look that high :)

    On another topic, what's your spring rates?

  9. Nic, the spring rates are 5.0kg/mm in front and 4.0kg/mm at the rear.

  10. EJ,

    Must be pretty uncomfortable :(

    I'm on 6/4 and it's driving me nuts on uneven rocky roads

  11. Hahahaha.....well it's bearable for me. A little bit stiff especially on uneven roads tho.


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