Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Replacement lug nuts

Pic 1: The replacement anodized aluminum lug nuts

Early last month I blogged about losing 3 pieces of my Rays Engineering Duraluminum lug nuts (read here). Ever since then, I replaced it with the factory lug nuts making the wheel looked quite weird with mismatch lug nuts.

Thanks to one of the workshops I frequent, I was given 3 units of blue anodized aluminum lug nuts to complete the 'look'. These are not from Rays Engineering but they do look similar enough to fool those who just took a quick glance. Hehehe

Finally I've gotten over the 'ugly' look of the wheels. :)

Pic 2: The previous look

Pic 3: This is how it looked like now. Red circle indicates the replacement lug nuts


  1. Haha! No one can tell when the wheels are spinning!

  2. But when it is parked, it looked fugly eh...


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