Friday, February 29, 2008

HKS EVC IV Updates....

I thought after dialling the boost down on the EVC from 0.8 bar to 0.7 bar, it will be fine but guess I was wrong. Took the ER34 out on the highway yesterday and the cut still comes in albeit at a higher speed now, circa 160km/h in 5th gear. Boost even spiked to 0.75 bar!

Stopped the car in a rest area and fiddle the setting to 0.6 bar and the ER34 will go till circa 180km/h before power was cut. I doubt it's misfiring as there's no 'firecracker' popping sound from the exhaust.

Tried running the car with the EVC off and it's just fine as per before.....well with the exception that the car suddenly feels very sluggish. Oh darn, I think I got too used to how the car behaves at higher boost. :P

Shall I really go for a Apexi S-AFC to settle this problem or live with it until I can really afford an Apexi Power FC? :P

But I guess, in the meantime, I'll just run three boost settings on the ER34. With the EVC off on 0.5 bar; and 0.6 bar and 0.7 bar on setting A & B on the EVC.
Interestingly, at stock boost setting, the turbine did not produce a rattling sound as with when the boost was wound up. Hmmmmm………

Oh darn........need to strike lottery man.


  1. It is addictive isn't it? High boost feels so good :P

    However, I urge you to remove the boost controller, until you can get a standalone management system.

    Forget the crap that tricks ECUs. They cannot control modern OBDII ECUs, especially those newer engines with wideband O2s.

    Either save up for a good engine management system, or get the ECU reflashed :)!

  2. TK, yea it is addictive indeed.

    I can always off the EVC, there's no need to remove it. Just leave it there until I can source for a standalone where my wallet co-operates. :P

  3. Dude,
    Wanna join us for some fun this weekend? Kg Gajah track awaits. I am heading there 1st thing Sat morning. Call me if interested. My number's in my blog. Cheers.

  4. ur car seems to have a lot of problem...

  5. TK, thanks for the invite but my Saturday is filled up. :(

    anonymous, a lot of problem? Not really, I drive the ER34 everyday and not once it had broken down on me. Just some minor glitches but that's just because I'm an extremely picky person. :P

  6. EJ can i know what is causing the misfiring?

    Just took the car down the freeway on speed of about 220 for about half an hour after that i noticed the car pops at idle!

    could i have just overheated and spoiled my plugs?

  7. rych, if it misfires, most probably it's due to spark plugs or the spark plug wires.

  8. oh hell there goes the iridiums and they were suppose to last 100k kms!

    worse, coil packs. I need to strike loterry too.You found any batu nearby the roadside to ask for numbers?lets go together.

  9. hi there, have been reading up your blog from time to time...just happen to read about your latest problem with your boost... my guess is...your factory boost cut is somehow triggering after u upboost with your newly added EBC, hence, maybe u can try going for a HKS FCD....its cheaper than the SAFC and if it works, why not?... good luck

  10. EJ,

    TK is right. Try HKS F-Con V pro. Best in the marketand I bet you would already know.

    Unfortunately this unit needs a SLD according to a Jap tuner from Top Fuel, Japan. He'll be heading down to Malaysia to tune and install it in my car. I'll see what I can find out and keep you posted.

  11. rych, me still searching high and low for the 'batu'.

    usmc, HKS F-Con V Pro? How does it compare to the Apexi Power FC? Do keep me posted on the 'event', would love to take a look. Email me yea? eujin[at]hotmail[dot]com

  12. Sure thing EJ. Will keep you in the loop. Those guys are coming on the 13th March. Will test it out and inform you if it's really that good. I'll ask the difference between both Power FC & V Pro. Stay tune man. Continue your write ups man... it's really good!

    EJ, If I were you I'd keep the rear tail lights in case of emergency.

  13. usmc, got your e-mail. :)

    The rear tail lights? I have 2 pairs of original and 1 pair of the LED ones. So too many spares la. LOL :D

  14. have you checked your spark plug gaps EJ?

    try gapping them to 0.8 on copper plugs, or buy the iridiums that come at 0.8 perhaps?

    should help with the missfiring issues maybe


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