Monday, February 12, 2007

Drive It Like You Stole It #01- Frasiers Hill

Well the new year of 2007 brings to me new excitements in the way I approach driving enjoyment - just like a couple of years ago during Project 8110. :)

I had slowed down tremendously for the past two years or so.... BUT now, with the ER34, guess I can safely say I'm back to incorporate my weekends with 'drives'. Well, after some thought, I came up with a name for it and decided on "Drive It Like You Stole It" or DILYSI for short. :P

Anyway, the very first DILYSI for 2007 was none other than up my favorite route, Frasiers Hill.

For this drive, there were 2 ER34, 1 WRX Sti Ver.8 V Limited, 1 SGTi, 1 RX-8 and a dorifto HCR32. The usual route was taken, that is:- Batu Caves - Ulu Yam - Kuala Kubu Baru - Batang Kali - The Gap - Frasiers Hill

We pushed off at 7:30am sharp on a fine Saturday morning on 10th February 2007. This is a first time I'm organizing a morning drive on a Saturday. Guess it throws the term 'Sunday Drive' out the window. Hahaha....

Pic 1: First RV point, The Gap Rest House

Anyway, the traffic was surprisingly just as scarce as a typical Sunday morning.


Billy in his RX-8 was a first timer in this sort of drives thus we started out on a slightly slower pace than usual. The pace was gradually picked up and think we were doing about 8th tenth on most stretches up Frasiers. Ariff was having fun doing some drifts going up hill as well.

Pic 2: The trek

It was interesting to have our dear friend Mun Kit in his SGTi keeping up to pace (and giving them a run for their money!) with the more powerful cars. As Billy says, the car is not important; it's the person behind the steering wheel. Totally agreed!

There were however some casualties. Jason's Sti had its check engine light on, Ariff's HCR32 had a 'stuck' throttle body, any my navigator vomited quite a bit. :P

Pic 3: Breakfast in Frasiers Hill

Pic 4: 10:45am and it's time to head downhill

Thanks for the great drive guys and gals. Those that pull out last minute due to work commitments, ensure you are available for the next DILYSI #02! It will be to Kuala Kelawang, Negeri Sembilan via the trunk roads.

Stay tuned for it after Chinese New Year.

Can't wait ....................

More pics below:-

Pic 5: Touge roads are fun!!

Pic 6: HCR32 charging downhill

Pic 7: Sti Ver. 8 in its natural habitat

Pic 8: HCR32 when its not sideways. LOL


  1. I think the traffic last Saturday is better than Sundays. We practically had the whole road to ourselves on the way up, save for that lone white van.

    Great drive, great cars, great company. This is certainly rated as one of the top 3 drives in my book. Can't wait for next! :D

  2. Hey, all the cars are of a different colour!!!

  3. What a colourful affair.. All the traditional sporty colours well represented here :D

    DILYSI Club soon EJ? ;)

  4. yea man! all diff colour especially the Mr. Taxi!!! :O hahaha... well its a nice drive last sat, and mun kit u r giving lots of pressure to our mr. taxi!! hahaha...n pls wait for the next DILYSI to kuala klawang, will announce the date when we hv finalise...

  5. Nice drive you all got there.... I wish I could be part of it... but no car to drive (T_T)... got to save money to buy a GTR

  6. It looks like a really good drive you got there... I wish I could join you all, but I think I have to cycle instead....

  7. Great drive indeed, hahah make my heart pumping happily all the way up and down.

    I will need to change my suspension to keep up with ej and to run away from munkit hahahah, munkit you drive very well.

    Jason Yap - Mr.Taxi will be always ready for you incase the engine check light comes up again hahhaha.

    Genting anyone? heheh

  8. some how the R32 look damn nice... falling in love with it hehe, if you look at the sti and look back at the R32, you will know which one is the king of the road hahaha penyapu no hard feeling ya..

  9. lufiasism, bring back a GT-R from Japan once you are done studying and courting kawaii chicks there ok. :P

    sakakida, no need change suspension, just bolt on a HKS GT2835 and you'll blow everyone away. LOL

    Genting on Thursday nite?? Hmmm....;)

  10. Ohh sorry if I gave Mr. Taxi lots of pressure.. I was just trying my best not to be left behind :P Following is always easier than being the lead since lead car has so much more things to watch out for..

    The wooden spoon goes to the Iswara turbo. Real crazy bugger hahah..

  11. yoyoyo... mr. taxi, so u charge wif meter or not?? if not i will complain to authority n gantung ur licence... :p

    well after comparing the pix that ej posted, ummm... thinking of the R32 oso... so gaya la... but too bad the price still on the high side, if not.... hahaha...

    n wei wei wei... bila genting?? dun left me behind!!!

  12. munkit haha not presure... more into exciting and getting high hahahaha...

    siu keong... my meter aero plane one wor.. you still to run meter or not? or you just pay me RM500 should be enough hahahah...

    EJ... no point to have bigger turbo unit, i need to lower my horses to run around the tight corner hahaha

    Genting was great hahah but only one car who manage to make it heheheh and with some chicks...


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