Monday, November 27, 2006

ER34 front rotors warped again....

After I got my front rotors skimmed and slotted back in August 2006, the car feels great. No more shuddering upon hard braking. However, it only lasts me for 2 weeks (!!!) before I managed to get 'em rotors warped again.

Sigh......I seriously hope it's just uneven rotors and not associated with other more minute details concerning the braking system. I had lived with it for close to 4 months now and it's beginning to irritate me badly. I can't drive hard with confidence knowing the car will vibrate upon hard utilization of the STOP pedal.

Pic 1: Brembo F50 brake kit

There are indeed many stock replacement rotors out there as with a total big brake upgrade kits. If one have the budget (> JPY 800,000), the Brembo F50 brake kit with 15" rotors seems to be like the big daddy of brake kit for the Skyline.

However, back to reality, I have tried the budget way, that is to skim and reuse back the OE units. Now, it's perhaps time to go aftermarket and opt for a replacement unit. I have surveyed around for the available models that I would consider. Looked at offerings from Dixcel, Project Mu and also Endless.

Pic 2: Project Mu's SCR Pro

Pic 3: Endless' 24 Slit Rotors

In the end, I narrowed down my choice to either Project Mu's SCR Pro or Endless' 24 Slit Rotors. Just wire transferred the cash to my contact in Japan yesterday and would hope to get it delivered via EMS as soon as possible over here.

Which rotors did I ordered? Will let you all know once it arrives..... :P

Waits in glee!!!


  1. Fu yu! Have to order those rotors all the way from Japan ah? Too bad u r not putting those Brembo brakes or else it would feel great like those Evos kaki.

  2. Endless' 24 Slit Rotors will make your car look fast 10x hehehe... for your braking behaviour i think 24 slit rotors is the best fit rotors for you...

  3. wah so many jason ard ah?!?! haha... wei sakakida, the project got change edi... wait for da latest news!! ur jaw sure drop kau kau one.... hahahaha.....

  4. jason yap... whose project got change? you mean EJ got a bigger modding project to surp up his skyline to 1000 horses?

  5. woah... 100BHP umm.... that one i hv to get more 'wind' 1st... havent heard bout that... but i think some pot pot think coming up!! flower pot?!?! 4 flower pot, 6 flower pot/ 8 flower pot !?!?!?!? hahaha... guess wut da pot is...

  6. Somehow things don't turn out the way it was supposed to be. It's such a drag but can say I'm back to square one.

    Anyone have a dinner plate I can use as my rotors? Sigh....


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