Tuesday, March 05, 2013

IMPUL Emblem

Pic 1: IMPUL Emblem

I've been looking for this IMPUL emblem for quite a long time and finally got my hands on one. Needless to say this is a pretty rare find. Need it on my grille to add a complete touch to the IMPUL 534S bodykit. With the addition of this emblem, the front now looks more finished in my eyes.

Pic 2: IMPUL Emblem

This screws on the grille and thus is pretty secure to keep away peeps with itchy fingers, who loves to flick emblems.

Shall it be the only emblem on the car or do I need another lettered IMPUL emblem at the rear? I have actually bought the lettered IMPUL emblem and it's awaiting shipment in from Japan. Hmmm.....

Pic 3: Against the Grille

Pic 4: Halfway through fitment

Pic 5: Fitment Done

Pic 6:
Fitment Done

Pic 7: Frontal Look


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