Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rear BIOT 322mm Rotors Upgrade (Biot Offset Kit)

If you have followed my built, you'll notice that the braking system have been upgraded to BNR34 Brembos all round. The front got bigger rotors courtesy of the BIOT 345mm Front Brake Offset Kit. The rears remain the stock BNR34 Brembo rotors measuring 300mm.

Pic 1: Comparison between stock Brembo 300mm rotors with BIOT 322mm rotors

I always thought that the fronts fills up the wheels nicely while the rear is a tad small in size. The rear BNR34 Brembo rotors are 300mm rotors in size. As luck would have it,  JDM Auto Link finally sourced me a set of a BIOT Rear Brake Offset Kit that would bring the rotors up to 322mm. 

Although many might not have heard of BIOT, they makes excellent brakes, but does costs a lot as well. The BIOT Front Brake Offset Kit is JPY 160,000 new and the BIOT Rear Brake Offset Kit is JPY 90,000 new. Yikes!!

Anyway, I finally got the rotors fitted but not without some "massaging" of parts to make it fit/clear everything. Just like the fronts, the calipers needed to be grinded off a wee bit to clear the brackets. It's all hidden from view as it's at the back hence does not have any visual impact. The rotor brake duct covers/shields also need to be 'enlarged' to clear the rotors. Unfortunately, a small part of the knuckle would also need to be cut away.

Below are pictures of how it looks fitted. In all honestly, I would think it's still a bit small. Works great though. I wonder if I'll be satisfied or will go for even bigger brakes in the future......

Pic 2: Grinding off a bit of the rear calipers

Pic 3: Grinding off a bit of the rear calipers

Pic 4: Enlarging the brake duct cover/shield

Pic 5: Fitting in the brackets. Note a small part of the knuckle is cut off

Pic 6:
Fitting in the brackets

Pic 7: The end result

Pic 8: The end result


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