Monday, August 06, 2012

Veilside VS D1-GT Carbon Fibre Hood & Aerocatch

Pic 1: ER34 with Veilside VS D1-GT Carbon Fibre Hood & Aerocatch

In continuation from my previous entry on "Bodykit Options for The ER34", I've finally decided to go the easy route that cause me the least amount of downtime on the car usage and also one of the more cost effective options. 

I've decided to just install the ultra rare Veilside VS D1-GT Carbon Fibre Hood and also Aerocatch locking decide to secure it down.

Before fitment, I sent in the hood to have it re-lacquered to give it that brand new look. I've also repainted the underside of the hood. Yes I know no one see underneath but I like everything to look good inside out. Cost me a fair bit as I use good lacquer that are able to withstand the hot Malaysian sun. Slap on a couple of layers too for good measure. The end result is pretty nice. :)

Pic 2:The vents

Pic 3: ER34 with Veilside VS D1-GT Carbon Fibre Hood

Initially I have my doubts on the hood as it's a tad too aggressive looking for me. After fitting in, it took me a while to get used to it. Something new to me to be able to see vents staring at me from the drivers seat. After driving it for sometime, I guess I've now gotten pretty much accustomed to it. Also getting 'friendly' with the white car, black hood look. Not particularly fond of it yet though.

Pic 4: The view underneath

Pic 5: Yes, it is an original Veilside item

With the hood on, it's a good idea to have additional securing device aside from the stock factory catch. Being so much lighter than the original hood, chances of it catching air and lifting up is not something unheard of. Plenty of cases where FRP/CF hood flew out from the catch and slam onto the windscreen and roof. I am not about to take those chances at all.

Traditional hood pins? Nah, those are so old skool already. Nowadays everyone uses Aerocatch. Even race teams in Le Mans uses them. But make sure you get the original Aerocatch as the market is flooded with cheap knock-offs. For additional strength, I also fitted in the optional Aerocatch Fixing Nut Plate Kit. This is basically an additional 'ring' of aluminum fitted underneath the hood for added mounting strength. 

Here are some of the pics. So what do you think? 

Pic 6: Vents

Pic 7: More vents. These are pretty unique

Pic 8: Drilling hole for the stud strikers

Pic 9 And another one

Pic 10: Stud strikers and bump stops fitted

Pic 11: How Aerocatch looks underneath with the
Aerocatch Fixing Nut Plate Kit

Pic 12: All fitted and ready to go

Pic 13: All done up


  1. Very nice! I actually like the vents, IF your car has a tendency to run hot, why not? Just don't stick LEDs or something gimmicky in the vents. Aerocatch is awesome, and the white/carbon fiber combo is good!



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