Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do-Luck Rear Tension Set

Pic 1: Do-Luck Rear Tension Set

In addition to the Do-Luck Rear Cross Bar, I've finally gotten my hands on the Do-Luck Rear Tension Set. The Rear Tension Set comprised of the Rear Tension Cage and Rear Tension Bar. The Rear Tension Cage are the bars that forms a "U" shape and connects the left and right side of the car via the seat belt points. The Rear Tension Bar further connects the Rear Tension Cage to the rear parcel shelf of the car.

Pic 2: Do-Luck Rear Tension Set

Basically this is a set of rollcage-like bars that strengthen the car and prevent flexing of the chassis. Do-Luck never did make a set for the ER34, only the BNR34 ones are available. A couple of years ago, I've contacted Do-Luck and was told that it will not fit the ER34 due to some missing screws on the ER34 chassis.They couldn't tell me exactly that is required to make it fit thus I've just left it as that. I had the Do Luck Rear Tension Set back then and decided to sell it off due to such.

Until recently, I managed to get my hands on another set of the Do-Luck Rear Tension Set. I've now decided to study it more thoroughly and see it for myself what are the differences. Comparing an ER34 and a BNR34 side by side, the only differences that I spot are:-

1) BNR34 have an extra rear suspension top brace that the ER34 does not have.
2) BNR34 have 2 extra screws beneath the speaker board that the ER34 does not have.

Best is to refer below pictures for a better idea of the difference.

Pic 3: ER34 Rear Parcel Shelf

Pic 4: BNR34 Rear Parcel Shelf

So, it's just 2 minor differences. Not really a problem. All I've got to do now is the order the top brace from Nissan Japan and figure out how to get those 2 screws onto the rear parcel. Shouldn't be too hard I suppose. 

Pic 5: BNR34 Rear Suspension Top Brace

Prior to fitment, I need to procure the missing screws. Originally from the factory are M8 screws; but I decided to go for the bigger M10 screws. They are bigger, hence a bit stronger I guess. These fit perfectly into the screw holes on the Rear Tension Bars.

Pic 6:
Welding the Screws onto the Rear Suspension Top Brace

As the rear parcel shelf does not have holes for the screw to go through, it will have to be welded on the suspension top brace plate. Then holes will need to be punched on the rear parcel shelf for the screw heads to go through. And finally, the rear suspension top brace will be welded on the rear parcel shelf.

Pic 7:
Marking the holes on the rear parcel shelf where the screws heads will land

Pic 8:
Trial fitment

When that is done, the whole 'cage' will be able to fit in easily. The other only downside is that the speaker board will need to be trimmed to allow the Rear Tension Bars to go through. No escape in that so one got to do what one has to do. The rear seats will still fit hence no issue when the need arises to fetch more than one person.

After fitment, besides looking really awesome is that the ride seems to be a bit stiffer. Now this is going to affect my suspension plans. I have already gotten a couple of suspensions for the ER34. Not too sure which set I should fit in at the moment. Yeah, I know, it's just like my case with the "Bodykit Options For the ER34" entry. Can't decide hence bought a few sets. LOL :P

Being shiny aluminum, it's quite visible from the rear, hopefully I don't get in trouble with the law, else it's going to be really tough on the wallet!

Pic 9:
The view from the rear

Here are some fitment pictures:- 

Pic 10:
Fitting in the Do-Luck Rear Tension Cage

Pic 11:
Do-Luck Rear Tension Bar

Pic 12:
Do-Luck Rear Tension Bar

Pic 13:
Do-Luck Rear Tension Set fitted

Pic 14:
Do-Luck Rear Tension Set fitted

Pic 15:
Do-Luck Rear Tension Set fitted

Pic 16:
Do-Luck Rear Tension Set fitted


  1. where did u do the installation. I have a cusco 6 point roll cage and looking a good place for installation. how much u did it btw.

  2. Nice one EJ.. Why not consider spraying or powdercoating it to black so it attracts less attention from authorities? lol..

  3. Anonymous, please email me at eujin@hotmail.com.

    Mun Kit, a bit heartache to spray it black. :(

  4. Matte black vinyl stickers! -ben

  5. Ej. honestly.. spraying it in matte black will lessen the risk and also look more sporty. for me lah.. hehehe

  6. Nice one.
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