Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Do-Luck Rear Cross Bar

Pic 1: The Do-Luck Rear Cross Bar

I've just gotten the Do-Luck Rear Cross Bar for the ER34. Basically it is an aluminum strengthening rear bar that  travels up and over the centre tunnel section of the car where it has a central tightening section. The appropriate tension can be set to ensure the correct use of what is effectively a centre strut brace for the car.. Once installed it fits to either side of the car, utilizing the factory seat belt mounting points whilst still accommodating the seat belts.

The Do-Luck Rear Cross Bar reduces body flex which occurs under cornering and when the power of the engine twists the chassis and distorts traction to the ground. Well not that the ER34 is making a lot of power but hey every little bit helps I suppose.

Here is a picture of it installed.

Pic 2: The Do-Luck Rear Cross Bar installed


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