Monday, February 21, 2011

Fuel Leak !!!

Pic 1: Leaky injectors

Some time after my stage II mods, fuel smell inside the ER34 has become a norm. I took to it as nothing more than perhaps running a wee bit rich, hence the strong odour. Didn't really give much thought to it as I have a blocked nose most of the time. The little amount of passenger that the ER34 ferries would often comment on the strong odour whenever they board the car.
I couldn't really be bothered because, well ..... fuel smells great to me! It's a natural high for us petrol heads. :P

What is getting a tad worrisome is that the smell is getting stronger, so much so that people standing outside of the car would get high and start doing the chicken dance. Ok I exaggerated a little bit here but you get the picture.

Pic 2: Can see the fuel stains

So anyway, I decided to take a look at what's happening under the hood. Using my nose like a blood hound, I sniff my way around the engine bay and it lead me to the centre of the engine bay. Lo and behold, those damn injectors are leaking fuel. All 6 injectors are leaking via cracked o-rings!

Pic 3: O-rings are indeed in a bad shape

Now this sucked big time, I was scratching my head on where to find replacement o-rings. Order from SARD? I bet it will be ridiculously priced! Luckily one of my contact knows where to get it and promptly ordered some for me locally. With the o-rings replaced, the injectors are back to normal and no more fuel leakage.

Pic 4: New o-rings were fitted and the injectors were mated back with the fuel rail

Pic 5: In goes the fuel rail and injectors

A quick check around the fuel lines also leads to another leak. The Tomei fuel pressure regulator is leaking where the fuel lines joins the fittings. A quick change of fuel lines and new banjo clips solved that pretty quickly.
After the above drama, the ER34 is now back to normal and hey no more fuel smell! Woohoo!

Is that the end of the ordeal? Hardly unfortunately. Strangely enough, a week later when I started the ER34 in the noon for a lunch appointment with alvint, it reeks of even stronger fuel smell. This can't be right at all. Pop open the hood and tracing the fuel lines, I saw fuel literally dripping off from the fuel rail adapter plate. Oh man, I can't drive the ER34 with it leaking fuel like that, I might end up with a big bang and have a burnt wreck as a car after that!

Took out my tools and gave it a couple of quick turns to tighten the banjo clips. This will serve as a temporary measure while I drive out to my mechanic's place to get new fuel lines and also a new banjo clip. Problem has since been solved and the ER34 has been running fine for a couple of weeks now. Phew! Lucky that is solved finally!

Pic 6: The Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator were also leaking


  1. Bro,

    Time for some AN fittings for your Tomei FPR :)

  2. EJ,

    I've the same problem a while back, a quick replacement of that o-ring settles the job. But the funny thing is there's no visible damage spotted on the old ones.

  3. ej,

    yes some an fittings and ss braided hoses should be ur next mod!


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