Tuesday, March 08, 2011

34 Matsuri at Fuji Speedway - 4th March 2011

Check out this video taken during the 34 Matsuri at Fuji Speedway on the 4th March 2011. Almost all R34 present were the ER34 and HR34! Even Ken Nomura is there with his HR34!

How I wish we have the same sort of scene over here in Malaysia. Now that would be awesome!!


  1. bro, even i don't know you personally.... but hey!! i know u can make something like that happen here in malaysia as well... look back bro, you've made it with our precious club Vsixers... im still a member since '03 till now.

    believe in motorhead... this event will happen!!! hopefully i can see when V6ers n 34 owner convoy in the future

  2. Hi bro. As much as I would like to create something for Skylines like what we did for the V-Sixers, my love for the Perdana V6 is much greater as a community. :)

  3. bro! was it you who added me in my blackberry? cant seem to find you :)

  4. Chew Soon, not me. I don't have Blackberry.


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