Friday, February 11, 2011

TCS and SLIP Light ON

Pic 1: TCS and SLIP light

Recently, my TCS and SLIP light lighted up permanently whilst driving. Needless to say, it's bloody annoying to see the light on my dash and what is more worrisome is that my TCS isn't working. Not a good thing as it's been raining a fair bit recently.

The problem is pretty erratic. Sometimes it lights up other times it does not. And when it lights up, it'll be gone after I stop the car and restarted it.

I've seen and heard of this problem before and a simple fix is to remove out the TCS module and give it a good cleaning and it should all be fine and well. Did just that and it has been fine for the past 4 weeks. Fingers cross that I do not see the some problem cropping up again. :)

Pic 2: TCS module. There's a butterfly flap in there.

Pic 3: Inside the module


  1. ur rwd is screaming to go sideways!

  2. Hi,

    You may want to check your coil pack. I had the same problem about 2 years ago, I looked around and it seems to be a common problem for ER34s with worn coil pack.

    I got a new set of Splitfire and the warning lights went off and didn't come back.


  3. Zul, but the driver suck at it. LOL

    Wilson, thank you for the heads up. Will check the coilpacks. At the moment I have 10 pcs of ER34 factory coilpacks lying around in my store so no worries there.


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