Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rekindling Frasiers Hill in the ER34

Well, it has been like a year since I last went up to Frasiers Hill. This hill resort in Pahang is nicely tucked away from Kuala Lumpur in the neighbouring state of Pahang.

The best part is the route to the resort. To and fro one would clock in around 220km of pure twisting B roads. This has been my favourite driving route for the past 5 years and many more to come. :P

Pic 1: The Group

Anyway, got together some of my friends for the trek uphill. Admist the DeepaRaya holidays, one can be assured that the roads will be relatively void of many vehicles.

We met up at 7:30am sharp at a local petrol kiosk for the convoy up. Leaving
at 8:00am, the planned route as are below:-

Batu Caves - Ulu Yam - Kuala Kubu Baru - Batang Kali - The Gap - Frasiers Hill

All my previous drive up Frasiers Hill has been with a group of cars of the same make and model. This time round, it's a myriad of vehicles. I got together a Subaru Impreza WRX STi V-Limited (Version 8), an E60 BMW 525i, a Proton Satria GTi and three units of Proton Perdana V6 (2 manuals and 1 automatic transmission).

Pic 2: The trek up the twisty hill

The planned pace was 6th tenth to be lead by me. But I think we were doing more like 8th tenth all the way up. Sorry guys, can't help it.:P

Anyway, the road was pretty clear and the guys have all been through the route before. No first timers thus can push it up a 'lil bit more. Even so, I left some room for error as myself are still not too familar with driving hard in a RWD. Most second gear corners in The Gap are accompanied by the rear stepping out slightly and the TCS doing it's job to tuck it back in.

We reached the top of Frasiers Hill around 9:00am where we had our breakfast at the local "mamak" stall. Food wasn't that great but we don't have much choice though as most outlets are closed during the holidays. Tales of crazy corners and mad overtaking manouvers are shared excitedly.

Pic 3: Pit stop at The Gap Rest House

After our breakfast we head back downhill and stopped at The Gap Rest House for some chit-chat session before driving back to Kuala Lumpur. Yes, tales of crazy corners and mad overtaking manouvers are shared excitedly again!

We back tracked the way back to Kuala Lumpur and reach the city around lunch time where we head to Jalan Imbi for our lunch. Whats on the menu? Bak Kut Teh!!! Hehehehe........yes tales of crazy corners and mad overtaking manouvers are shared excitedly yet again! Hahahahaha

Pic 4: The Sti ran out of water for the intercooler water spray system.

Overall, it's a nice day spent on driving and sharing it all with a group of like minded car enthusiasts.

Can't wait to do it all over again!!!
Thanks Jason Chan (and gf!), Jason Yap, Mun Kit, Eric Tai, Allen Tan and Alex Yue for the great company & drive.


  1. aik... took my photo oso din notice hahaha...yea bro.... a nice drive indeed... so waiting for da next drive.... when?? hv to wait for da 280T Altezza hahaha....

  2. Thumbs up! When are we gonna do it again? Wish I had a "kepissh" on my ride rather than just hearing it from the 1st car all the way climbing uphill and going downhill.. hehe.. :P

  3. great driving with you guys, kinda fanatic of us hahaha... thanks to EJ's so called 6/10 pace (it might be according to 2.5 liter turbo charge ride ;P) my tyre start to burn and wear again hahaha. As a naturally aspirated car, it was fun & stimulating to stay in between 2 turbo charge vehicle as

    1)you won't be able to chase up, especially on the straight and
    2)the heat from behind will never stop(you tend to keep looking at your rear mirror)

    Looking forward for the next session and hopefully i will be in my new ride... :P

    btw - the Bak Kut Teh kinda pricy...

  4. Great drive! Thanks for organising it EJ..

    Too bad of the rain on way down. The Gap downhill is the closest we can get to Jap touge roads.. :D

  5. yea man... da bak kut teh is darn expensive!! RM130.00!! not inclusive of car park haha... n hey i din push u @ da back la... still not used to da car yet... maybe next trip will try harder if da road is DRY... so mr. ej da call on u...

  6. Jason Yap, the 280T Altezza? Yea, it would be cool to have a run together. Too bad it's Raya and the owner is back in Johor. So DemanG, amacam?? Hehehe

    Sakakida, yea me waiting for your new ride. Hehehe

    Hope I can spare some time soon to have another run. :P

    Actually yea, the Bak Kut Teh is kinda pricy. Oh well....

  7. Bugger! Today washed my car and noticed an infinite amount of stone chips on the front bumper. Darn it! ^%$@!%*&

  8. i think that place is too commercialize but normally if i have it with my dad, it would be cheap cheap hehe cos that place is his hang out place.

    Jason Yap, seeing your car in my rear mirror is good enough to scare me.. lucky me that you haven't get use with the car yet, if not i think i will be push down the hill hahhaha....

    EJ, the hunt is on...i saw one at cheras yesterday, 2001 white without sunroof, manual, back nismo and front original with lips, RM163k @$%&! that guy must be crazy and the colour look cacat somemore.

    ya man! you can say bugger again, i got this infinity of stone chip in my car too... @$%#&* i think is because of that one stretch of road that full of small stone.

  9. woah.... got lotsa stone chip? hv to inspect inspect 1st... nex time hv to wear some 'protective film' for our head......... umm i mean our car head.... hahaha....

  10. You guys actually paid for parking? How come no one collect from me?

    Come on guys! NO stone chips then you gotta drive like sissy.. hehe..

  11. Yo Yo guys wuzzup, Last Car here. Kuddos to Tan Sri EJ for safely navigating us from KL to Frasiers and back to KL. The drive up was really nice. But the way down was congested by other traffic. Managed to give the car a good test going up and down the hill. Mostly second and occational 3rd gears. All in all it as a good drive and a nice way to chill out.... oh yeah no Pisshh from my car...just the occational tire squeal from the tight corners....

    EJ when and where the next can count me in as last car...he he

  12. Yea la. I paid for parking. The dude insisted for me to pay. Oh well......


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