Friday, December 02, 2011

Nissan Skyline Mega Gathering in Malaysia 2011

Pic 1: The cars at the gathering

Recently, the Nissan Skyline owners in Malaysia had an gathering at the federal administrative centre of the country, Putrajaya. Basically, it's a meet up session to mingle around snap some photos before heading out to the nearest food stall for a bit of chowder and more chit chat. 

I reckon there were close to 40 Skylines comprising of R32, R33 and R34 Skylines plus a lone V35 Skyline. Most of the lot were ER34 and BNR34s though. It would have been excellent if there were older Skylines present like the R31s around.

Took some pictures and a video. Do check them out below.

Pic 2: The line-up of BNR34s

Pic 3: The line-up of ER34s

Pic 4: Some R33s here

Pic 5: The line-up in front

Pic 6:A photo opportunity not to be missed. A ladder saves the day here for an 'aerial' shot

Pic 7: Roll-out!


  1. Nice. I would bring my R31 if i was closer to KL. R31 Location Brunei Darussalam.

  2. Hi Teng. What a shame. Would be great if you can share some pics of your ride. R31 is a pretty rare car in our parts of the world.

  3. If you wish. You should be receiving an e-mail shortly ^^v

  4. If you got my mail, the R31 may look old but i have already invested in alot in restoration to make it look as it is now. When i first got it, it was just a huge paperweight. I'm not joking ^^;


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