Friday, June 08, 2007

Impul 534S Front Bumper

Yes I finally got rid of the B13 Sentra looking front bumper on my ER34. That piece of crappy sissy looking factory bumper has been bugging me ever since I got the car.

Initially my heart was set on the factory option Altia front bumper. I loved that bumper and everyday I curse myself for not getting an ER34 fitted with that optional bumper. However as time passes on, more and more ER34s are registered on the road with the Altia bumper making it less of an 'attraction' to me.

Exploring the options out there, I was looking at the offerings from C-West, Do-Luck, NISMO and IMPUL. My heart finally set on the IMPUL bumper for it's simplicity in design and more of a factory look albeit on the more aggressive side.

Pic 1: IMPUL 534S front bumper arrived!

Pic 2: Beyond the bubble wrap it unfolds....

Pic 3: Front view

Pic 4: Rear view

Pic 5: IMPUL logo at the back of the bumper

The IMPUL 543S bumper was procured from Japan and shipped over. All in, the cost was way more than my expectation. Damn!! I over budgeted myself.....again! :(

The bumper spend some time at my painters' place to be cemented smooth prior to painting works and fitting. Some custom brackets need to be fabricated to fit the bumper onto the body. The upper mount screw holes does not align as well as the screw holes for the under carriage plastic splash guard. Luckily the guys at my painters did an excellent job fabricating brackets after brackets to produce a factory clean look.

Pic 6: Cementing it smooth

Pic 7: Smooth as silk after my painter finished with it

Pic 8: Some of the brackets to be fabricated

Pic 9: New versus old

Pic 10: The trial fitting

I got a clearance of 5 inches with the IMPUL 534S bumper and with a long front overhang, that doesn't spell too good when going up and down parking ramps. Speed humps are not an issue at all (thus far!) but I've already scraped the bumper coming down parking ramps on the very first day it was fitted. :(

Here are some pictures of the IMPUL 534S front bumper.
So what do you think??

Pic 11: Front 3/4 view

Pic 12: Front view

Pic 13: Side view

Pic 14: Clearance issue

Pic 15: My 1st bumper scrape. Car park ramp at my house. :(


  1. Finally u decided to go for another brand beside Nismo ah? Nice set of bumpers. How about the rear and the side? Planning for any add on? Does the Impul 534S has a full set bodykit?

  2. Bro, may be can help check out the Impul 315S kit if there is available? Please let me know about the procedure of ordering too.

  3. get a lovely CF hood and you're at it.

  4. Fooiyo-yo... so ganas your new b/kitt.. next time must remember to ask you to turn the lights on for me to see as well.. hehehe :)

  5. Hahaha...

    You have just crossed the point of no return..

    Next that haunt u would be the side skirt and rear bumper.. then the rear spoiler.. hopefully by then, your wheels does not seem to small after all the bodykit..

    Nice bumper.. ;)

    A little too garang to match with the rest of the car.. :P

  6. Jason Ong,
    The rear and sides? Wished but funds are dried. :(
    Yea, the Impul 534S has a full bodykit set as per the 1st picture.
    Of course the Impul 315S is available. Prices as per their website. On ordering we talk offline ok. :P

    Carbon fibre hood? Not in the plans thus far. Already played with CF hood in my previous ride so not in a hurry to have it again.

    russ, not that ganas la. Ok will remember to show you the side parket lights next time.

    uncle foo, kamsia kamsia. I lurve it too but loath the parking problems I am facing now. :(

    astroboy, the bumper too fierce compared to the rest of the car?!?
    I don't intend to change the rear spoiler unless someone is letting go the stock BNR34 ones.

  7. can u avoid scratching it if u turn on a slight angle?

    If not, then carry some 'papan' in your boot and place them under the front tyres just before the bumper makes contact with the floor and drive slowly.. hehehe

  8. hey EJ, nice blog u have.
    i put a your banner on my blog is it ok?
    anyway , have a look!
    see ya

  9. Russ, all the parking ramps at my house can be cleared via an "angled attack" with the exeption of one. :(

    Carry some wooden planks in the boot?? Errr....too extreme for me. I bet people will have a good laugh when they see it.

    Hi Amaral from Brazil,
    Sure please feel free to link to my blog. :)


  10. Hi,EJ..hope still in ur mind this lil bro replying here..haha..Lazymeng here..finally..fianlly my turn to post some comment..damn nice ur blog,all the procedures..luv it bro..nice n hot car u have..hope i can fin my study quick n get one for myself soon,or mayb 240sx..haha..not dreamin,its my gonna earn it myself too..anyway, nice car of my wish list..ll PM u in the future bout all this japan thingy ya..haha..bye..

  11. Hi Lazymeng,
    Great to hear from you again. Sure I remember you. So where are you studying now? You mentioned 240SX; you in the USA?

    No worries. You can mail me if you need more info.

  12. haha..thx bro..yee?y USA?im still in M'sia, currently same Uni wif Jason, Monash,hopefully will b transfer to Aus next year..

  13. Ahh I see. You mentioned 240SX ma. That is only available in the USA. :P

    In Aussie, car prices are cheap!!

  14. Saw your evolusi drif thing on zerotohundred and decided to check out your blog and DAMN! thats one hot R34

  15. hey bro.. finally saw ur car in the flesh last tuesday.. looking good.. love the rims.. i was in the white scooby crawling on jalan duta next to u..

  16. Hi lude. Ohh that was you. Yea I saw a white Scooby with pink STi wordings on the windscreen. :)

    Good to see you. :)


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