Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ER34 in "Evolusi KL Drift" movie

Hehehehe.....guess what? The ER34 has become a star of some sort. It's used as a background car and also one of the vehicles that will be running away from the cops.

The movie, entitled Evolusi KL Drift is a local production directed by the acclaimed director Yusoff Haslam's son, Shamsul Yusoff.

Amongst the artists in the show are Fasha Sandha, Farid Kamal and the director himself, Syamsul Yusof.

The filming where the ER34 is involved is at the Bukit Tunku flyover bridge in Kuala Lumpur. This giganto of a bridge (5 lanes on each side!) is the setting for a couple of scenes which includes gathering of drifters, illegal drifting, fight scenes and where the cops come after the drifters.

I was there for 2 tiring days. The 1st day, from 8:00pm till 6:00am and the second day from 8:00pm will 5:00am. Damn and I had to get up to work the very next day. Sufferingly tired but what the heck, it's a hell of an experience. :)

Check out the below compilcation video I took during the movie shoot.

Here are some pictures of the movie set.

Pic 1: The movie set

Pic 2: ER34 at the movie set

Pic 3: The villians' cars

Pic 4: In one of the scene

Pic 5: The star of the show, Fasha Sandha

Pic 6: S13 arriving......

Pic 7: S13 of the lead actor

Pic 8: Villians' cars

Pic 9: The movie set

Pic 10: Fasha Sandha

Pic 11: Fasha Sandha and the S13

Pic 12: ER34 looking over the movie set

Pic 13: The villains of the movie

Pic 14: The regular DILYSI fellows (Corrupt & Sakakida)

Pic 15: Baddies ECR33

Pic 16: Baddies FD3S

Pic 17: The villians' car from the rear


  1. Wah! Act in movie ah? I damn jealous lah :p Looks like the new bumper and wheels for the ER34 fix at the rite time for the acting ah. Look more villain to it. Good job bro. By the way do u get paid RM11000 too?

  2. Paid RM11,000? Hahaha....hardly dude. Just a couple of hundred only. You think big budget Hollywood movie mer?? :P

  3. This is NOT right!! It's a Malaysian movie. Why do we only see Japanese cars?

    Where are our Wiralution, Wajalution, Kelisaru, Sabaru, Fake Wira-Lancer, Souped-up Kancil, etc etc?

  4. wahahahahah...anticipating for the movie... just to see your car LOL... man, I shud get a GTR lah like this... or an NSX LOL

  5. lufiasism, can also stick to your S2000 plan ma :P

  6. Wah...u all using real plate in the screen wor.. not bad.. :P

    The er232 is a little bare like just roll out from the showroom.. ;D

    I hottest car I find in the screen is the Chili color Celica... or course and the braded hair chick la.. :D

  7. Yea mine is kinda bare coz the rest of the cars all filled with 'racy' decals.

    Eh, the red Celica nice mer? It's an automatic tho and it has yucky red neons underneath. Oh btw, that's the Directors' car. Hahaha

  8. wow! sudah masuk movie pulak ni... powderfool! hahahaha... :P

  9. Great coverage EJ... you also got paid?? Cool.. i thought it was for 'charity' hehehe...

    Btw, I cant view the video compilation you posted here.. hmm...

    I also seen on ZTH that they totalled a RX7FD.. quite a budget these guys have... :)

  10. Oi, achei teu blog pelo google tá bem interessante gostei desse post. Quando der dá uma passada pelo meu blog, é sobre camisetas personalizadas, mostra passo a passo como criar uma camiseta personalizada bem maneira. Até mais.

  11. Has this movie been released yet? I am in Fiji...anyway I can get it here? Download/Torrent maybe?

  12. Oi rodrigo, sorry I can't read Portuguese. Thanks for dropping by. Adeus

    The movie would be released year end (December perhaps?). Heard that in Fiji, the JDM scene is very happening eh?

  13. Nice work... just came across this on google. What's the movie called?

    Come say hi on I'm sure other Skyline drivers would love to meet a celebrity :P

  14. I just watch this movies, SUPERB! :D

  15. emme, I have yet to watch the movie. Can't wait to see it.


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