Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trust GReddy Performance Damper Type S and Nismo S-Tune Stabilizer Bars

Pic 1: Trust GReddy Performance Damper Type S and Nismo S-Tune Stabilizer Bars

I haven't do any upgrades to the ER34's handling for quite a long while. I've always wanted to change to thicker anti roll bars / sway bars for the ER34 and also to upgrade to better coilovers than the current set of Tein Super Street.

After years of using the Tein Super Streets, it's now got improved parts replacing it. In comes the below:-

1) Trust GReddy Performance Damper Type S
2) Nismo S-Tune Front Stabilizer Bar / Sway Bars / Anti-Roll Bars
3) Nismo S-Tune Rear Stabilizer Bar / Sway Bars / Anti-Roll Bars

The Trust Greddy Type S Performance Damper is a monotube coilovers produced in accordance with racing driver Takeshi Tsychiya. The features are as below:-

- Advanced Monotube design
- Screw type adjustment for increased accuracy
- Strengthened rubber upper mounts for improved rigidity
- Lightweight aluminium brackets to reduce weight over standard components
- Lightweight specially designed and manufactured high tensile steel spring
- Spring rates are Front: 8 kg/mm and Rear: 6 kg/mm

Pic 2: About to be installed

The pair of NISMO S-Tune Stabilizer Bars are thicker in diameter compared to stock factory ones and also comes with Nismo heavy duty bushes. The stabilizers have the below specifications:-

Front Spring Rate - 3.6kgf/mm, Thickness - 27.2mm
Rear Spring Rate - 4.4kgf/mm, Thickness - 23.0mm

I reckon this new combo should be much better yet retains the daily drivebility of the ER34. 

With this done, it would also means that my set of Tein Super Street is now up for sale. Bought brand new and is in mint condition. No knocks and leaks. Let me know you are interested in the set.

Pic 3: The Trust GReddy Performance Damper Type S installed

Pic 4: Installing the NISMO S-Tune Stabilizer Bars

Pic 4: NISMO S-Tune Stabilizer Bars installed

Pic 6: The stock stabilizer bars

Pic 7: My set of Tein Super Street is now up for sale


  1. Hello Eujin. I'm Leon from SG. I'm going to buy the R34 Roy used to own. It was posted on a car website about 6 days ago for S$78K. If he still owns it, can you tell me his email? I don't want anyone else to buy his car other than myself. I really love R34's. If I don't get one now, I'll never have one till the day I die because skylines are rarer than Pagani zondas in SG.

    My email is:

    I just need to get my father's permission to sponsor for this car. If all goes well, I'll install the East Bear GTR style bodykit. Can't use the Impul body because the slopes in my carpark is steep :)

  2. Hi Leon. I think Roy have decided to keep the car.


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