Friday, June 03, 2011

Super GT 2011 Series - Malaysia Round 3

Middle of the year in the Malaysian motorsports calender only spells one thing. It's Super GT season! By far the most successful motorsports event in Malaysia (Formula One aside), the round 3 of the Super GT will be happening in Sepang International Circuit on the 18th and 19th June 2011.

2011 also marks the 11th year the series has been in Malaysia. No mean feat mind you as Kuala Lumpur remains to be the only championship round outside of Japan. Be it the drivers, cars or the even umbrella girls that attracted you Super GT, it's a race event and an atmosphere like no other.

I have been to a number of international motorsports event from Formula One to World Rally Championship but Super GT offers a unique sort of atmosphere. You get friendly and sometimes wacky drivers, charming race queens, freebies from the race teams, opportunity to get close to the machines but most of all you get to hang loose and soak in the aural orchestra of the GT300 and GT500 cars. Cars, that actually reassemble those that you might bump into on the streets! Real cars and not open seaters that worth millions of US dollars a pop. Yes, it's a motorsport event that motor heads and relate to in their heart.

So have you got your tickets? If not, it's pretty high time you head out to the participating ticketing agents out there and grab it!

See you in Sepang!!


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