Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy 25th Anniversary, Proton!

PROTON celebrated its 25th Anniversary yesterday with a grand Gala Dinner held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. I was fortunate enough to be invited for the event and are thankful to be remembered as part of the pioneering few that kick started official
PROTON car clubs.

As a Malaysian, PROTON plays a big part in ones life. I bet almost every Malaysian have owned a Proton at some stage in life. It is inevitable. For those who have not owned a PROTON before, you might be the 'lucky' few or perhaps the 'unlucky' few. :)

My family was an early adopter of PROTON. My mom had a 1986 Proton Saga and it had served the household well. My first Proton was a 1994 Proton Wira 1.5GLi. It was the early version where it ran on carburetor instead of EFi. Back then I was still a very young chap with little or no money BUT interest in cars is already building up strong. With limited funds and limited knowledge about engines, I succumbed to simply mods like Bosch Super 4 spark plugs and Hot Bits spark plug cables which I thought would make the car super duper powerful. Guess not. Hahaha

It was at this time also I ran a K&N filter which gives out a nice throaty roar on throttle. But I must say the thing that most people remember about the car was the noisy exhaust. You can hear me coming a couple a blocks away! And it was a DTM style muffler. Hahahahaha

Everything else remains stock but I recall keeping a set of 15" Enkei RP01 (Made in Japan) for over a year in my store room as I have no money to buy 15" tyres. The Enkei were graciously 'donated' by my uncle off his car. :)

I had to potter around with the stock 13" wheels though as the Enkei never did find its home on the Wira until today. LOL

After that my 2nd Proton came into the picture and that changed my life forever. The Proton Perdana V6 was a lovely car and via that car and via the inception of the VSixers: Perdana V6 Club, I have made a lot of friends and together we have had countless fun times together. From interstate and intercountry drives to track days and autokhana competitions. Those were the days.

Ahhh........such memories.

Coming back to the gala dinner, the guests were treated by two of Malaysia's most talented singers, Zainal Abidin and Sheila Majid! I was mesmerized when both of them sang duet to "Ikhlas Tapi Jauh" accompanied only by electric violin and guiter. It was simply super awesome!

After some speeches by YBhg Dato' Mohd Nadzmi Mohd. Salleh, Chairman of PROTON and YAB Dato' Seri Mohd. Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia, the 25th Anniversary Special Edition PROTONs were unveiled by YBhg Dato' Hj. Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohammed Tahir, Group Managing Director of PROTON.

Only 25 units of these special edition
PROTON will be produced per model, the Proton Exora 25th Anniversary Edition, Proton Persona 25th Anniversary Edition and Proton Saga 25th Anniversary Edition. Interesting way to celebrate.

Pic 1: Proton Emas - front view

What really got me excited was the opportunity to touch and feel Malaysia’s first global car, the Proton Emas. Emas, an acronym for Eco Mobility Advance Solution, was designed in collaboration with acclaimed Italian design house Italdesign Giugiaro. Production is scheduled to be by 2012.

The Proton Emas was first unveiled during the 2010 Geneva Motor Show in March. Having the chance to view it up close is amazing. I am amazed by the lighting system and overall interior space given that it is afterall a small car. Hope to see it on the roads 2 years from today.

I wish all the best to PROTON.

A journey that has been the nation's pride,
A dream fueled by passion, and
A vision towards another 25 years of progress.

Pic 2: Interesting interior

Pic 3: Proton Emas - rear view

And thank you for the memento. I am sure I will have a wonderful time reading the 25th Anniversary Commenorative Book, "A Saga: Proton's 25 year story".

Pic 4: A Saga: Proton's 25 year story

Pic 5: The past 3 Presidents of the VSixers: Perdana V6 Club

Pic 6: Those are very interesting integrated headlights and signal lights

Pic 7: Not sure what technology is this but it lights up as the rear lights

Pic 8: 18" wheels shod in Pirelli P Zero 215/45/18

Pic 9: Doubt this will make it into production. Too bulky power window control

Pic 10: Another interior shot


  1. Well nice story:) *haha* Quite surprise that you drove Wira before , I thought your first Proton was V6. How did you get the 15" Enkei RP01 since you said limited funds? *haha* DTM style muffler, sounds like trumpet XD. Wonder do you still have the picture of your first car *haha*.

    Happy 25th Anniversary to Proton:)

  2. Congrat Proton. My first experience was when my parents put up the deposit for the first car in 1995 (even the design was not officially made known yet). Got the 1.5L version with the chassis number 22. Interestingly, it was bought at RM18k then but by 1995, my parents sold it off for RM25k!Supporting your blog.


  3. interesting.. didnt know it has been here for 25 years edy.. =)


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